Saving the Supra: Toyota launches Heritage Parts Program

Toronto, Ontario — Toyota has unveiled a list of parts that will go back into production this year, which includes reproduced OEM parts for the third- and fourth-generation Toyota Supra sportscars.

Toyota Gazoo Racing, the automaker’s motorsports arm, announced the launch of the GR Heritage Parts project on Jan. 9. The project will ‘reprint’ discontinued parts for Toyota Supras, including propeller shafts, door handles, fuel sender gauges, weather strips and front emblems for the third-generation A70, and headlamps, door handles and brake boosters for the fourth-generation A80.

Components are available in Japan, North America and Europe, and can be ordered via a new ‘Heritage’ tab on Toyota’s Gazoo Racing website. The firm also says customers will be able to order heritage parts through main dealers in the same way as parts for newer models. 

While the list of available parts may be short right now, Toyota says its also accepting pleas for additional parts⁠, and—if enough people ask for it—Toyota says it may mass-produce the part. Reports also suggest future aftermarket support for the AE86 Corolla, as well as the Celica and MR2 sports cars.

“There is a huge variety of classic models that enthusiasts would like us to cater for,” Toyota said in a release. “However, we’ve started by populating the GR Heritage Parts catalogue with selected components for the third-generation and fourth-generation Supra models. These are the models that laid the cornerstone of the modern GR line and we want to ensure they can race on for many years to come.”

Toyota plans to exhibit the reprinted Supra parts at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, which runs from Jan. 10 through Jan. 12 in Chiba, Japan.

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