Safety Stoppage: 3G shutdowns in the US endanger certain vehicle owners

Ontario, Toronto – 3G network shutdowns are likely to impact vehicle features even if the components are functional, according to the non-profit organization, Consumer Reports.

According to the report, the 3G network shutdown in the United States will permanently disable the functionality of 3G-dependent systems that cannot be upgraded with software or hardware updates.

Notably, this disables certain  SOS emergency service systems, crash notifications, emergency roadside assistance and vehicle diagnostics. Vehicle functionality will also vary, based on the vehicle model, modifications and manufacturing series.

So far, most Canadian networks have only shut down their 2G networks, and plan to keep 3G networks until 2025. This does not mean 3G-dependent devices are completely safe – Rogers has already disabled its 1900 MHz frequency on the 3G network in 2021. Any partial or total shutdowns in Canada will leave certain devices non-functional.

“Shutting down the 3G network to prioritize newer technologies is positive in the long run,” says Alex Knizek, an automotive engineer at CR. “But it is disappointing that some automakers have left vehicle owners unable to take advantage of proven and valuable safety features.”


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