Rotary Lift introduces Wheel Wing tire hanger


Madison, Indiana — November 11, 2014 — Rotary Lift has introduced a new car lift accessory that the the company says makes it easier for technicians to remove wheels for tire rotations and brake and suspension work. Introduced at last week’s SEMA Show, the new Wheel Wing tire hanger attaches to a two-post or inground lift’s swing arm, providing a convenient resting place for wheels.

 â€œWith the Wheel Wing tire hanger, technicians no longer have to bend down to place a wheel on the floor or lift it back up to a raised vehicle’s height,” says Ron Lainhart, Parts and Service Manager for Rotary Lift. “This saves valuable time with each wheel removal. It also reduces back strain, since turning to move the wheel to the hanger is more ergonomic than constantly bending over. Fewer back injuries lead to less downtime for the shop’s workforce and can reduce the risk that the shop owner will be liable for worker’s compensation claims.”
The Wheel Wing tire hanger has a 100 lb. capacity for holding a variety of car, truck, SUV and van wheels. The hanger arm can be folded flat against the lift arm or positioned vertically to keep it out of the way when not in use. A protective coating and end cap prevent wheels from being scratched or dinged as they are placed on the hanger arm.
Each Wheel Wing tire hanger kit (P/N FA5974) comes with two tire hangers. The kits include hex keys and mounting shims. The company says the shims can be used to adjust the tire hangers’ mounts to fit nearly any swing-arm style lift, including Rotary Lift’s best-selling SPOA10 two-post and SmartLift inground lifts.
Each Wheel Wing tire hanger kit comes with two magnetic tool trays. The trays can be attached next to the hangers on the lift’s arms or on a tool cart, providing a secure place to store lug nuts.
“The Wheel Wing tire hanger kit is a simple, easy-to-use add-on that can greatly improve working conditions for technicians,” says Lainhart.
For more information, please visit rotarylift.com.

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