Romans Ranks: Romans Group LLC unveils annual repairer ranking; says consolidators continue ‘aggressive’ growth

Toronto, Ontario — The 16th annual Romans Group whitepaper, A 2021 Profile of the Evolving U.S. and Canada Collision Repair marketplace, is now available. The annual report details the general health of the collision repair marketplace, including a ranking of top franchisors, networks/banners and independent repair groups.

With all Canadian repair organizations considered, franchisors make up the top-two positions (Fix Auto and Driven Brands, respectively), followed by network/banner associations (CSN, CarrXpert and Consolidated Collision Services (CCS)).

The remaining five companies reflect three independents/dealers–Boyd, Craftsman and Kirmac; one dealer in AutoCanada and one franchisor, Simplicity.

The top franchisor was Fix Auto; the top network/banner, CSN; the top independent/dealer, the Boyd Group.

Data from the Romans Group, LLC.

The Romans Group’s five-year forecast to 2026 has the >$20 million segment and top three consolidators “aggressively growing their business while maintaining their significant market share lead over the franchise networks and $10 million to $19 million markets.

“By 2026, the top three consolidators will grow from their 2021 market share of 18.4 percent to between 24 percent and 28 percent,” predicts the Romans Group.

In a general overview of 2021 and the post-pandemic market, the Romans Group says that “Canada tried to reopen in early 2021, but efforts stalled.” Business continued to be down 50 percent through June 2021, but slowly showed improvement through the remainder of the year.

By mid-2022, the Romans Group says Canada was “almost back to normal.”

“Most Canadians viewed 2020 and 2021 as some of the most challenging times for society and the collision repair business,” stressed the report. “The restrictions were very disruptive and fundamentally impacted the health and viability of the collision repair industry, considering repairers to consider their future in the industry.”

The full version of A 2021 Profile of Evolving U.S. and Canada Collision Repair Marketplace is now available, containing complete results from research and analysis for 2021; more than 90 charts and graphs and more than 130 pages of historical and future-geared content. The report can be purchased by contacting Mary Jane Kurowski of the Romans Group LLC at maryjane@romans-group.com.

For more information on the report, including a briefing on the U.S. collision repair marketplace, a whitepaper overview is available here.


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