Rolling Gazebo: Ford files patent for screen door system for off-road Bronco models

Toronto, Ontario — One day now we will catch a glimpse of the robot arm in the Ford engineering department that has been furiously flinging bowls of spaghetti at walls over the past couple of weeks, as patent approval for a screen door system on off-road models of the Bronco has officially surfaced.

According to the official patent documentation published on April 21, designs for a screen door system on the Ford Bronco would see some sort of mesh-like material seal the vehicle’s openings when its metal roof and doors are removed.

The design specifies the use of a series of motors and sensors, as well as airbag-style components that will allow the spring-loaded system to be stored compactly and deployed very quickly.

The applications of this technology are wide-ranging; from simply keeping bugs and dust out of the face of off-roading drivers, to adding just a little bit of security and protection for those times when your vehicle’s roof is where the wheels should be.

This new design follows several weeks of bold engineering moves from Ford’s engineering department, including patents for an omnidirectional “crab walk” driving system, similar to what can be seen on the new GMC Hummer EV, and running boards that double as off-road extrication ladders.


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