Rideshare App CueRide Offers Discounted Rides to Get Atlanta Voters to the Polls

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CueRide, the new rideshare app that promises to put drivers first, is entering the rideshare app industry with a mission: to get voters to the polls on January 5th. Atlanta voters will enjoy $10 in ride credits to the polls for the State Senate’s critical runoff election. Besides supporting riders and their right to vote, the app disrupts the traditional rideshare model by putting drivers back in control of their earnings. CueRide’s model steers the ridesharing industry in the right direction by combating high commission fees and reduced take-home pay for their drivers.

Recent reports reveal the total number of transportation-sharing economy users will rebound to 71.3 million in 2021, after falling to 51.3 million this year, a good number despite a turbulent 2020.

“From inception, ridesharing has been more than just a means of convenience; it has created an additional stream or primary stream of income for entrepreneurs. However, the model is beyond broken. When you look at how fares are split between the ridesharing companies and drivers, the numbers are astounding. Companies like Uber and Lyft keep over 35% of the revenue, leaving drivers with the short end of the stick. I created CueRide to put control back in the driver’s hand. The app’s key feature allows drivers to collect 100% of their fare without paying commission fees,” says Founder James Whitaker.

With unemployment at record highs, CueRide’s goal is to support full- and part-time drivers so they can earn more while also experiencing a sense of community, another aspect CueRide believes is missing. Riders can safely get to their destination, and with a clear conscience, knowing that their full fare is going to their driver.

“A culture of connectedness is missing from ridesharing. We want drivers and riders to feel like they are a part of the CueRide fabric, knowing their personal and professional gains, as well as experience, is woven into the success of our company,” says Joshua McKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer.

CueRide drivers are required to pay a monthly fee, starting at only $199. For new drivers, we are offering a free trial for the first five days after signing on to the app.

Download the app today:

For Apple: Riders and Drivers
For Android: Riders and Drivers

About CueRide

CueRide is an Atlanta-based premium rideshare company that has created an accessible application that not only ensures a constructive, competitive plan for the drivers but also the riders who use the platform. With a focus on redefining the term “Ride Share” CueRide’s structure was carefully constructed by the path of progression, so our team is consistently researching the newest technologies in the industry to incorporate into our program.


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