One lucky Canadian is going home with a brand-new PR 220 MV Synergic Welder from ProSpot, thanks to the company’s Big MIG Giveaway promotion.

Jamie Crowther from Victoria, British Columbia is one of three lucky winners of the ProSpot promotion. For their prize, Crowther chose the company’s brand new 200-amp x 35 percent duty cycle PR 220 MV Synergic Welder.

“We wanted to add some fun for everyone out there this year, so we developed this Big MIG Giveaway Contest”, said ProSpot sales director, Lorinda Teague. “We thought this would interest just about every repair tech and welder in North America.”


Less than a year after buying a $160,000 new Mercedes-Benz, a Vancouver couple said they are now scared to get behind the wheel because last time, the steering wheel seized.

The Vancouver couple brought the issue to the attention of the dealer who refused to repair a steering defect and now the couple’s Mercedes-Benz has been parked in their garage since 2018.

According to Yang’s wife, Guifang Huo bought the car new in the spring of 2017 and they only drove it for roughly 6,500 km, and then in less than a year, the steering wheel seized while they were driving. The Mercedes-Benz Richmond dealer said it could find nothing wrong.

The Mercedes-Benz is a 2017 was recalled in the U.S. for steering problems, including the S-class models built between 2015 and 2017, but no vehicles in Canada were covered. With no one to cover the expensive repairs, the couple filed a lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz Canada in early 2019 in a B.C supreme court, for unspecified damages.


To begin 2021 with its second addition of the calendar year, the company added CSN Northline to its roster of collision centres on the West Coast. The 7,000 sq. ft. facility in Smithers, BC has been in operation for 25-years providing the driving public of their community with best in-class customer service and high-quality collision and auto body repairs they can trust.

Smithers is a town of just under 7,000 people set against the Hudson Bay Mountain Range in Northern BC. Despite being a smaller facility in a town with a trading area of no more than 15,000 people, CSN Northline Owner Dave Onderwater knows the importance of completing high quality repairs. “Even though we may not be as big as other shops or have the gross they do we take care of our customers by doing repairs properly and that’s why being part of CSN was so important to me,” Onderwater said. “Repairing vehicles is about having industry leading support and that’s what CSN offers.”

The quality of work completed by the expert staff and experienced technicians at CSN Northline has received industry recognition. They are a Certified Aluminum Collision Repairer with the Automotive Retailers Association and Accredited with ICBC for Collision Repairs and Valet Service. They also have OEM certifications through the Certified Collision Care program administering the requirements and recognition for automakers Ford, FCA, Kia, and Nissan. “We know they have the capability, training, and equipment to complete repairs at a very high level and with CSN’s marketing support and vendor programs, we believe they can really elevate their business.” CSN Western Sales Manager, Kari Barton said.

With a regular influx of recreational visitors in addition to their active residents, Smithers has consistent traffic that will now receive the market leading support of the CSN repair network. Providing outstanding customer service and a truly hometown care to all its patrons, CSN Northline does everything you’d expect from a high-profile facility but on a smaller scale. “It’s’ what our customers expect when they come here, quality repairs, trained technicians, and friendly staff and they trust us because of that.” Onderwater said.

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