Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin has announced $9.5 million in rebates to help people purchase electric vehicles. According to a news release, the $9.5 million will be used for the rebate program for new and used electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and e-bikes. Rebates will be $3,000 per new vehicle and $2,000 for used vehicles, with $500 for e-bikes.

This will be in addition to the $5,000 federal rebate available for new electric vehicles. “Bold action on climate change is a priority. We know it’s possible to have a cleaner economy that creates jobs, supports a healthy environment and benefits all Nova Scotians,” said Premier Iain Rankin in a news release. Currently, there are nearly 500 electric vehicles registered in Nova Scotia, and more than 100 charging stations across the province.


Steven Myers, minister of environment, energy and climate action has announced what he calls “the most aggressive vehicle incentive program in all of Canada.” The program will offer $5,000 to buyers of new fully-electric vehicles and $5,000 to used fully-electric vehicle buyers. “We feel that it’s equally difficult for people jumping into the used market as people that are buying into the new market,” said Myers. “It’s an equitable incentive and both categories have an equal shot at incentive money.”

The province will also offer $2,500 for new and used plug-in hybrid vehicles. “There’s an incentive for anyone that wants a cleaner way to transport themselves around the province. It’s the most generous program in all of Canada and the most equitable program in Canada,” he said.

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