Reconsidering Rates: Ontario government considering changes to vehicle collision reporting threshold

Ottawa, Ontario — The Ontario government is considering changing the threshold for Property Damage Only (PBO) collision reporting from $2,000 to $5,000.

This change, if passed, will more than double the damage value required before a crash must be reported to police.

Minister of Transportation Prabmeet Sarkaria originally told CTV News Toronto that the dollar threshold has remained stagnant at $2,000 since 2015.

“We’ve heard some challenges that people have with respect to getting to reporting centres,” Sarkaria said.

“As technology advances, as cars advance, we’ve also seen the price of vehicles increase, and many other factors that feed into that threshold of $2,000.”

Currently, if a driver gets into a collision involving damage to public or private property, but no bodily injury, and the damage is under the threshold, they do not need to contact or register the vehicle with authorities.

In considering changing the threshold value from $2,000 to $5,000, the province has cited factors such as inflation and the advancement of car technology.

Sarkaria said he anticipates law enforcement, insurance providers and drivers will participate in a two-week consultation on the decision which will last until March 5.

A priority during the talks, Sarkaria further noted, will be to ensure the changes agreed upon don’t significantly impact the province’s insurance rates.

Despite potential changes, drivers can always report a collision if the property damage is less than the threshold for mandatory reporting, the province stressed. The choice remains with the driver.


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