Real Trust in Artificial Intelligence: Solera report says 79 percent of drivers trust AI to handle claims process

Toronto, Ontario — A recent consumer survey from Solera suggests that people are getting more comfortable putting their trust in artificial intelligence, reporting that 79 percent of drivers would trust an AI to handle the entirety of their claims experience.

Society appears to be growing more accustomed to interacting with intelligent machines, as the latest edition of Solera Innovation Index 2022 notes a seven percent year-over-year increase in comfortability with fully AI-driven claims management.

Furthermore, 65 percent of respondents said they would choose a repairer using AI to minimize the risk of error in the claims process.

The benefits of AI are also being felt on the insurance end of things, with 58 percent of insurers using AI reporting improved business resilience and 55 percent claiming it created faster decision-making capabilities.

For bodyshops and OEMS, 52 percent saw improved profitability and 50 percent saw increased staff productivity because of AI.

Cost still remains the most prevalent barrier for anyone looking to access AI, however, as 73 percent of insurers and 75 percent of bodyshops and OEMs cited cost as the main obstacle for implementation.

Solera’s Innovation Index 2022 infographic on AI in automotive claims can be found here.


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