Product Report: January 23, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s Product Report, Unilite releases its all-new UV Curing Gun Kit, Polyvance unveils its 6119 Dent Driver kit and Luma III launches a fresh new site.

Canada, UV got to see this: New UV Curing Gun Kit from Unilite now available in Canada

Now available in Canada the new UV-Cure – UV Curing Gun Kit, manufactured by Unilite, provides its users with 66W of UV-A power, a built-in cooling fan and up to 90 minutes of runtime on a single charge. 

This curing kit is said to assist technicians in improving their overall process time thanks to the incorporation of an ultrasonic range finder and up to 1 second curing times for some UV primers. 

Successfully tested on various UV paint products from major manufacturers such as Akzo Nobel, BASF and PPG, this new product doesn’t emit any harmful UV-B or UV-C rays allowing users to work safely and efficiently with the added benefit of multiple included accessories. 

Polyvance drives it home: New 6119 Dent Driver kit

Polyvance’s new 6119 Dent Driver kit is a specialized tool set to help the auto body technician remove dents from plastic bumpers. The kit includes two each of two different-sized tools for a total of four tools. The ends of each Dent Driver tool have different shapes to help work out the knots and stretched areas often found around the perimeter of bumper dents. The variety of sharp edges, sharp points, and blunt points available on the Dent Drivers gives the technician just the right tool to conform to the task at hand. The curved, ergonomic shape of the Dent Driver tools fits readily into the hand to maximize their force and minimize fatigue.

The 6119 Dent Drivers complement Polyvance’s other dent removal tool options. The typical dent removal process would be to first heat the dented area with a heat gun to soften the plastic. The main part of the dent would be popped out using the 6148 Bumper Rollers kit. Then the stretched areas around the edges of the main dent would be worked with the Dent Drivers. A Dent Driver can be used on each side of the bumper simultaneously to shrink stretched plastic. The Polyvance 6450 Bumper Bag Plus can also be used as a soft dolly to support the opposite side as the technician works the dent with the pointed edges of the Dent Drivers. Polyvance offers several free instructional videos on dent removal on its YouTube channel.

Discover all of Polyvance’s plastic repair tools at www.polyvance.com.

Luma III’s new website launch: Illuminating a new side of painting

“Easier to use, and easier on the eyes”, is how Luma III’s new website is being described. With a spotlight on the company’s community projects the website showcases the various outreach programs that the paint accessory manufacturer is involved in. From partnering with tech schools and connecting with resellers, the company’s new website is looking to bring a new light to the world of painting. 

The reimagined website also included the launch of three all-new product bundles 

The Painter Deluxe bundle includes the Luma III air hose hang system, and the Luma III spray paint suit. 

The Painter Premium bundle includes the Aurora 2 LED spray gun light, and the Luma III Spray paint suit. 

The Painter Pro bundle includes all three featured products. The spray paint suit, the Aurora 2 spray gun light, and the air hose hang system. 




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