Product Report: AkzoNobel announces new Sikkens Autoclear Xpress Clearcoat

Toronto, Ontario — AkzoNobel earlier this week announced the launch of Sikkens Autoclear Xpress Clearcoat, the latest development in the coatings company’s rapid cure technology.

Containing unique, hyper-cure resin technology, AkzoNobel says Autoclear Xpress covers in 1.5 coats with no flash in between, is out of dust in as little as 10 minutes and can be polished in 50 minutes.

Designed to accelerate production and reduce cycle time in collision repair shops, AkzoNobel says Autoclear Xpress is an ideal choice for shops looking to deliver higher output while maintaining outstanding application, gloss,
appearance and buffability.

Autoclear Xpress also offers maximum flexibility and simplicity by not requiring a flex additive for use on plastic parts, says AkzoNobel. Just mix the product at a 5:1:1 ratio and you’re off and spraying.

The appearance of this product also receives high marks from customers. Dane Larson from Wayne Larson Collision Specialists said that Autoclear Xpress not only dries quickly, but it also provides a
gorgeous, factory-like finish, turning heads as well as turning around jobs in record time.

Contact your local Sikkens representative and put Autoclear Xpress Clearcoat to work in your shop, or visit www.akzonobel.com for more information.


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