Pro Spot offers free I-CAR training with welder purchase

Pro Spot Canada is offering free I-CAR training with the purchase of one of the company's SP-2 or SP-5 Pulse MIG Welders.

Carlsbad, California — March 31, 2016 — Pro Spot Canada has announced a new promotion which includes a free I-CAR Aluminum Welding Course with the purchase of any SP-2 or SP-5 Pulse MIG welder.

Body shops that purchase either an SP-2 or SP-5 Pulse MIG welder from an authorized Pro Spot Canadian distributor will be able to send one tech to the I-CAR WCA03 class for each unit purchased, courtesy of Pro Spot.

The class includes instructions on how to set-up and tune MIG welding equipment, address safety issues, prepare metal surfaces, and perform proper welding techniques. Hands-on practice welds include GMA (MIG) plug, fillet, and butt joint with backing welds. Participants also perform the required visual inspections and destructive tests for each type of welded joint. The program concludes with the Aluminum Qualification Test demonstrating the technician’s ability to perform all three welds in both vertical and overhead positions.

“This helps to demonstrate our continued commitment to the industry and I-CAR Canada,” says Art Ewing, Sales and Marketing Director of Canada for Pro Spot. “We firmly believe that technician education is one of the most important aspects of the Canadian collision industry as we move forward. More and more complex materials are being used in the automotive field and we want to help ensure that our techs are ready for these challenges.”
The promotion runs from April 1, 2016 through to October 31, 2016. All training must be completed by November 30, 2016. Travel, accommodation and other expenses are not included.

According to a statement from Pro Spot, the SP Pulse MIG welder series is versatile and easy-to-use. Further, the company says all units are designed specifically to meet the needs of collision repair shops on all of the new high-strength steels and aluminum materials now being used by vehicle manufacturers.

For more information on the SP-2 and SP-5, please visit

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