PPG introduces EC550 En-V Ultra Gloss Clearcoat

PPG has launched EC550 EN-V Ultra Gloss Clearcoat, formulated for use with the company's Envirobase line.

Strongsville, Ohio — June 7, 2016 — PPG has launched EC550 En-V Ultra Gloss Clearcoat, formulated specifically for use with PPG’s Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat. It is compliant for all refinish markets in North America.

According to a statement from PPG, the new clearcoat is designed for outstanding gloss and ease of use. It is intended for overall and multi-panel applications and is the latest addition to the Envirobase High Performance clearcoat lineup.

EC550 incorporates PPG’s resin technology that is also used in the company’s EC530 En-V Performance Clearcoat. According to PPG, the En-V technology contributes to a superior appearance, thanks to exceptional gloss retention and excellent flow and leveling qualities.

EC550 uses the same hardener/reducer combination as EC530 En-V Performance Clearcoat, with a simple 3-to-1-to-1 mix ratio.

Tim Jones is the Automotive Refinish Segment Manager for PPG. He says refinish technicians will find that EC550 can be sprayed successfully in all application conditions, including extreme temperatures and humidity, and no polishing is required.

“We’ve given EC550 En-V Ultra Gloss all the attributes PPG customers have asked for,” said Jones. “It’s production-friendly, easy to apply, and yields an unmatched luxurious gloss. It’s exactly what a premium Envirobase High Performance clearcoat should be.”

For more information, please visit ppgrefinish.com.


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