Polyvance introduces Nitrocell Tire Filling Adapter

Polyvance’s new Nitrocell Tire Filling Adapter works with the company’s 6065 Nitro Pro and 6066 Nitrocell nitrogen plastic welders.

Rainsville, Alabama — September 6, 2017 — Polyvance has announced a new product that allows shops with one of its nitrogen-generating nitrogen plastic welders to fill tires with nitrogen. According to Polyvance, this eliminates the hassle involved with taking nitrogen-filled tires to a local tire shop for service.

Shops that have a Polyvance or Urethane Supply Company nitrogen plastic welder with the nitrogen generator—the 6065 Nitro Pro or 6066 Nitrocell—can fill up an auxiliary storage tank with nitrogen gas using the company’s new Nitrocell Tire Filling Adapter (6066-TA).

The 6066-TA connects to the output of the nitrogen generator with a three-way ball valve. The valve is spliced into the nitrogen output line to prepare it for use. The outlet is then hooked to an auxiliary pressure tank (not included). When the welder is not in use, the nitrogen flow can be routed to the tank to fill it up. It takes some time to fill the tank due to the included flow restrictor which ensures that only high-purity nitrogen fills the tank. Once filled, the auxiliary tank will be ready to top off nitrogen-filled tires.

Further inquiries can be made at Polyvance’s SEMA booth #11244 or at polyvance.com.


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