Pfaff Autoworks receives Audi Aluminum Collision Program certification

Pfaff Autoworks receives Audi Aluminum Collision Program certification

By Jeff Sanford

Vaughan, Ontario — July 14 — Auto-repair group Pfaff Autoworks has announced it is now certified under the Audi All Model and Aluminum Collision Program. A recent award ceremony took place at the company’s location to document the certification.

Jeff Pabst is the general manager at Pfaff. In an interview with Collision Repair magazine, he said his team passed with flying colours.

“It is an intensive two-week training course for technicians. We sent two techs on two different occasions,” he says.

The techs had to do five different tests.

“The welds would be sent to a lab for testing,” says Pabst. “There is a 50 percent failure rate. But both our techs passed first time around.   

Now we’re certified for the full line of Audi vehicles. This winter the new Q7 is coming out and it’s going to be a hybrid aluminum and high strength steel body construction which is going to be a big change for us. That’s a high-volume vehicle.”

Pfaff Autoworks has also achieved certification for the Volkswagen Collision Repair Program and is the first facility to do so in Canada.

For more information on Pfaff Autoworks, please visit pfaffautoworks.com.


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