Parts Problem: ARA condemns Subaru positions on recycled parts

Manassas, Virginia– Two position papers on the use of aftermarket substitute parts written by Subaru have received the condemnation of the Auto Recycler’s Association.

In its Use of Aftermarket Substitute Parts on Subaru Vehicles, the OEM says it “does not support the use of parts that have been removed, salvaged or recycled from an existing vehicle.”

In another recent position statement, the OEM also says that the use of aftermarket and “substitute” parts is a violation of the terms of its warranty.

In response, the ARA released a statement to express extreme concern about the two position statements.

The Association says that, in both cases, the OEMs words do not reflect its legal obligations and may mislead customers.

The ARA points to the Magnuson Moss Warranty law, which has been upheld by the Federal Trade Commission.

“Simply using an aftermarket or recycled part does not void your warranty,” the ARA says. “Under this federal law, Subaru is obligated to honor the warranties of vehicles that have been repaired using aftermarket or recycled parts,”

According to ARA executive director Sandy Blalock, the position statements are part of a broader trend among OEMs.

“Auto manufacturers have become more aggressive in their efforts to force recycled original equipment (ROE) and aftermarket parts out of the market. The tactics stifle competition, greatly increasing costs to consumers which in turn can also cause more repairable vehicles to be declared a total loss.”

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