On Proud Display: AkzoNobel hosts Open House at Toronto-area offices; demonstrations of brand-new automated paint dosing machine

Toronto, Ontario — Collision Repair magazine representatives recently had the opportunity to participate in an exciting Open House event at the AkzoNobel Ontario headquarters in Etobicoke, Ontario. The event showcased the latest innovations and developments in the collision repair industry.

One of the highlights of the event was the demonstration of an Automated Dosing Machine, led by technical consultant Dave Woolley. Attendees were given a first look at the brand-new product, which Woolley said can be done by anyone—customer service reps, front desk team or anyone without technical training in painting, even—in five minutes flat.

Additionally, a thought-provoking discussion was held on coatings specifically designed for ADAS-enabled vehicles, focusing on the challenges and opportunities presented by working with radar technology. This session provided valuable insights into the importance of selecting the right coatings to ensure optimal performance and functionality of ADAS systems. For instance—did you know the reason that you’ll never see a metallic-finished plane is because of the sensitivity of radar systems?

Brad Kruhlak of AkzoNobel demonstrates the location of radar sensors in modern car bumpers.

Another standout feature of the event was an open group discussion on attracting youth to the trades. Attendees were invited to answer questions about connecting with youth, like how old recruitment efforts should start—one attendee said themed toys in daycare is a good starting point—to efforts in connecting those interested in collision repair to careers in the trade.

Moreover, there was a captivating talk on attracting youth to the repair industry, addressing the need for skilled professionals in the field. The discussion emphasized the importance of promoting the industry’s potential and offering attractive career pathways to the younger generation.

To conclude the event, John Cox, Canadian ACoat services manager, showed a demonstration of Carbeat, AkzoNobel’s interactive shop management tool.

Check out all of our photos from the Open House below.


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