OMVIC suspends Scarborough automotive dealer

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — February 12, 2019 – OMVIC has issued an immediate suspension of an automotive dealer in Scarborough for allegedly forging documents and allowing a twice-convicted curbsider to impersonate them.

A1 Motors is not allowed to legally sell, lease, buy or consign vehicles. Zi Wang, A1’s sole officer and director, had allegedly gained registration using deceit, forged documents as well as allowed his father, a twice-convicted curbsider, Zhijun Wang, to impersonate him.

It dates back to December 2017 when OMVIC ordered the immediate suspension of Min Tian, who operated under Nice Auto Sales, which also happens to be the same address as A1 Motors. Tian was suspended because she employed an unregistered salesperson, her husband, Zhijun. Not to mention, at this point Zhijun had already been convicted from OMVIC for the illegal sales of vehicles and unfair business practices such as rolling back the odometers of vehicles and not disclosing the accident history of a vehicle to buyers. Tian also allowed Zhijun to use her identification documents to gain access to wholesale auctions.

In August 2018 Nice Auto Sales and Zhijun were charged by OMVIC for the number of allegations made in which both had pled guilty in October. Nice Auto Sales was fined $12,500 and Zhijun Wang was fined $25,000.

Earlier this year the couple’s son, Zi Wang was given his license to sell vehicles and so he began to sell vehicles as the sole officer for A1 Motors.

OMVIC was suspicious of Zhijun and from their investigation, they believe he was impersonating Zi in communications with OMVIC regarding A1’s application for registration, with signing a lease agreement on behalf of A1 as well as using identification documents belonging to Zi to improperly gain access to wholesale auction.

OMVIC’s investigation findings also allege Zi Wang had allowed his father to use his identification and furnish a forged lease agreement to OMVIC. He is also on the hook for knowingly providing false, misleading and deceptive statements when eventually questioned about his relationship with Nice Auto Sales and Zhijun.


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