OEMs discuss the pros and cons of scanning vehicles before and after a job at NACE symposium

Several OEM representatives joined Collision Advice president Mike Anderson in discussing pre and post collision repair scanning in a special forum at NACE on Thursday.

By Mike Pickford

Anaheim, California — August 11, 2016 — Hot on the heels of similar announcements from fellow OEMs, both General Motors and Audi confirmed on Thursday that company position statements regarding pre and post collision repair scanning would be made public in the near future.

Speaking at the 2016 NACE/CARS Expo and Convention, John Eck of GM and Mark Allen of Audi said it was important to each company that they clarify their stance on one of the most prominent hot-button topics in the industry today. The pair joined several other industry representatives in participating in a special OEM scanning symposium at the event on Thursday (August 11) morning.

Chris Tobie of American Honda, Eric Mendoza of Toyota USA, Brian Wayne of FCA and fellow panelists Chris Evans, Brian Deck, Justin Miller and Doug Kelly each took turns addressing a number of issues during the forum, lead by Collision Advice president Mike Anderson.

Jumping into the forum right off the bat, Anderson bluntly stated all those in attendance were there “to look at the facts”, before launching into a number of examples of problems with BMW, Volkswagen and Audi vehicles that were found and taken care of as a result of carrying out pre and post collision repair scans.

Seeking to clarify each organization’s position on the issue, Anderson pushed hard for answers, with Allen providing a pretty definitive response.

“Once the vehicle has been in an accident, it needs to be scanned pre and post (repair),” he said, according to a report in Repairer Driven News.

By the end of the forum, most of those participating agreed that scanning cars before and after a job was the responsible thing to do, with Mendoza, Wayne, Evans and Eck all seemingly voicing their approval.

Should Audi and GM come out and publically back the movement towards conducting pre and post repair scans, they would join the likes of Honda, Nissan and Toyota in recommending the procedures.

For continued coverage of the 2016 NACE/CARS Expo and Conference, keep up with Collision Repair magazine online.

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