New power tools from 3M

3M's Pistol Grip Sander, part of the new line of abrasive power tools from 3M.

London, Ontario — January 5, 2017 — 3M has introduced new power tools and Cubitron II Cut Off Wheel and Flap Disc, specifically designed for use in automotive body work.

A statement from 3M says the new tools are optimized for the body shop , not “over-engineered for heavy duty industrial applications.”

3M says the new tools offer a composite body providing durability at a lighter weight and better user comfort and handling, as the tool is less prone to condensation. The company also says the new tools stay much warmer than typical steel tools that will chill with prolonged airflow. And for maximum user comfort and accessibility, the file belt tools offer adjustable arms.

New 3M power tools are optimized for use with 3M Cubitron II Abrasives Discs, Wheels and Belts and include:

–    3M Body Repair Mini File Belt Sander, 330mm (13″)
–    3M Body Repair File Belt Sander, 457mm (18″)
–    3M Body Repair Pistol Grip Disc Sander, 50mm and 75mm
–    3M Body Repair Cut-Off Wheel Tool, 75mm (3″)
–    3M Body Repair Cut-Off Wheel Tool, 100mm (4″)

Other than the File Belt Sander contact wheels and arms, there is no need to replace tool parts and tools
come with 1-year warranty.

3M Cubitron II Cut Off Wheel and Flap Disc feature triangular shaped ceramic mineral that 3M says cuts 30 percent faster and lasts up to twice as long as conventional premium abrasives. The full line of discs comes in sizes and grades for use throughout the repair process.


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