New Polyvance Tutorial: Fender Liner Flange Repair

Toronto, Ontario — Polyvance has released a new five-minute instructional video on its website and YouTube channel demonstrating how to repair a bumper using its company tools.

Many bumpers have a flange about an inch inside the wheel well where the inner fender liner mounts. This feature sticks out perpendicularly from the bumper face and will often tear right at the base where the plastic is the thinnest. Due to the 90-degree angle and the thin plastic base, this feature is hard to repair.

“Many bumpers damaged like this end up going in the landfill,” according to Thursday’s press release.

The video shows how to repair a bumper by using the company’s Nitro Fuzer, a nitrogen plastic welder and their industry-exclusive 90-degree corner welding rod. The video can be viewed at this link here.

In 1981 Polyvance (formerly Urethane Supply Company) was formed to address the needs of bumper recyclers and to supply products to repair urethane bumper covers. As auto manufacturers began using their own materials in bumper covers, Polyvance has also developed products to repair those types of plastics as well.

Call Polyvance at 800-633-3047 or visit for more information on any of its plastic repair product or training offerings.

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