Netradyne Reveals Motivators of Distracted Driving for The General Population and How Technology Helps Combat Multitasking for Commercial Fleets

Nearly 50% of Surveyed Non-Commercial Drivers Admit to Being a “Multitasking Driver” During Distracted Driving Awareness Month


Results of the survey pointed to comfortability with multitasking while behind the wheel of a personal vehicle despite consequences like physical injury, financial costs, property damage, and legal repercussions. Data gleaned from Netradyne’s customers highlight fleet safety technology’s massive impact on curbing bad driving behavior, with its customers experiencing a 96% reduction in distracted driving accidents.

Do Drivers View Multitasking as a Strength? Findings from the survey of non-commercial drivers highlight that nearly half 47% of drivers classify themselves as a “multitasking driver” because they typically do something else (eat, talk on the phone, look at email, scroll on social media, text, etc.) at some point during a typical drive. Shockingly, despite it being a dangerous habit, one in five drivers believe they are better when multitasking.

Smartphones Remain a Top Distraction, but for Parents, Children are a Close Second:

  • 59% of drivers said their smartphone often serves as a distraction in their vehicle when driving.
  • 37% said food or eating often serves as distractions while driving.
  • Among parents behind the wheel, smartphones were still the top choice for driver distraction at 65%, but their children were a close second at 60%.
  • 20% of surveyed drivers claimed to be distracted by their pet when driving.

Where is Distracted Driving Happening? And When is it Not? Neighbors’ judgment aside, close to home is where drivers feel most comfortable multitasking, with 40% claiming they most often fall victim to bad driving behavior in their own neighborhood. Side streets come as a close second with 35%, followed by major highways at 23%. When do drivers avoid using their smartphones altogether? Over 60% of respondents said they try to be completely hands-off when driving next to a school bus, followed by bicycles at 58%, motorcycles at 57%, and delivery trucks at 51%.

While the general population may feel less pressure to keep their multitasking in check, what about those whose jobs are behind the wheel? Netradyne looked at its customer data to determine common distractions and technology’s role in eliminating driver risk.

How Commercial Drivers Size Up Against Distracted Driving:

  • Netradyne’s fleet safety technology is revolutionizing how commercial fleets manage their drivers. Reducing driver distraction by 90% in fewer than 12 weeks is helping to make roads safer for everyone.
  • Netradyne helps eliminate risk and keep this percentage low by helping safety managers identify distractions, implement policies, and monitor compliance with policies once put in place. 6% of accidents recorded on vehicles with Netradyne’s cameras were caused by driver distraction.
  • Following an in-cab notification, 42% of drivers will stop looking at their cell phones. Real-time alerts and reminders are an effective way to reduce distracted driving and ensure drivers of commercial vehicles stay focused on the road.
  • Netradyne data indicates that drivers are six times more likely to look at or text on their smartphone rather than raise their smartphone to their ears for a call.
  • Netradyne fleets in the “government industry” are five times less distracted than the “retail” industry.

“Our energy towards ending distracted driving cannot be limited to April. For non-commercial and commercial drivers, it needs to be reflected in every decision made on the road,” said Barrett Young, CMO of Netradyne. “Regarding commercial carriers, the role Netradyne plays in curbing bad driving behavior speaks for itself. With our technology, distracted driving is no longer something safety managers and truckers are powerless to address, and all drivers on the road stand to benefit from its continued adoption.”

About Netradyne, Inc.:

Founded in 2015, Netradyne is an industry-leading fleet safety SaaS startup with over 500 employees and offices in San Diego, CA, and Bangalore, IN. Trusted by more than 2,000 commercial fleets of all sizes and vehicle types worldwide, Netradyne’s flagship product Driver•i delivers the industry’s most advanced AI-powered HD video safety cameras, fleet performance analytics, and driver awareness tools. Driver•i recognizes risky and good driving behaviors by analyzing every minute of drive time, in-cab, and out with 98% accuracy.

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Methodology: Netradyne commissioned Atomik Research to conduct an online survey of 1,505 adults throughout the United States who drive a personal vehicle (car, truck, SUV, etc.) daily. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points with a confidence level of 95 percent. Fieldwork took place between April 17, 2023, to April 19, 2023 (during Distracted Driving Month). Atomik Research is an independent, creative market research agency.


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Sr. Communications Manager



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