Luehring in Customers: Dave Luehr tackles business growth, customer retention in new article

Toronto, Ontario — Dave Luehr, aka the Sixth Spice Girl, knows what collision repairer customers really really want, and he’s letting shop owners in on the secret in his latest article for Elite Body Shop Solutions.

Luehr’s latest piece of wisdom, “What Collision Repair Customers Really Want”, delves into the opportunity being missed by shop owners to grow their operations organically through better customer service, instead of focusing so heavily on operating within the politics of a corporation.

“There is a huge opportunity right across the counter from you and many squander it!” writes Luehr in Monday’s article.

Luehr tackles the topic with his proven industry expertise and draws on knowledge from a number of his colleagues from across the industry, including Tom Tracey from Lincoln, Nebraska who Luehr quotes as saying, “What we are really selling is trust.”

Luehr’s full article can be found here.


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