Local Hero: Waterdown Collision revs up its community support amid pandemic

Hamilton, Ontario ⁠— Waterdown Collision is going above and beyond in its local community to provide support amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this week, Waterdown Collision launched its pandemic relief efforts by picking up food donations from local residents’ homes and delivering the hauls to local food banks.

According to Max DiFelice, president of Waterdown Collision, the company plans to launch a new outreach initiative each month to continue supporting the local community Next week, it will begin offering local seniors grocery delivery.

“We’ve already seen great success with that program,” DiFelice told Collision Repair. “A woman from Milton⁠—which is about 35 km away⁠—saw the post and asked if we could supply some groceries for her parents in Waterdown.”

Waterdown Collision has been in operation for the last 46 years and, in turn, the community has helped the business thrive. Now, DiFelice feels its time to give back to those who have done so much for his business.

“This community has supported our business for all those years. We have a lot of partnerships with charities, local sports teams and all those great things⁠—but this is different. None of the staff here are the type of leaders that can stand idly by, so it was less of a question of ‘should we do something?’ and more  ‘what can we do to help?’”

DiFelice is encouraging other facilities to stand up and give back to their communities in this time of need.

“Look into your communities and see where they need help⁠—whether it be food banks, women’s’ shelters, youth programs or hospitals,” he said. “If you’re in this business, you’re certainly innovative enough⁠—you can figure out exactly how your business can help.” 

Watch the video below for more information on Waterdown Collision’s food bank program with the Flamborough Food Bank.

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