LKQ Delivers the Loot: Company gifts Tropicana, Centennial class with holiday donation

Toronto, Ontario The students of Tropicana Community Centre’s Pre-Apprenticeship Auto Body and Collision Repair class are having a very happy holiday indeed, thanks to a very generous donation from LKQ Corporation.

On top of body panels for Centennial College students to test their skills on, LKQ also supplied OGIO backpacks, vests and top-notch supplies to each Tropicana student.

“This year was the first year we were able to include backpacks, in partnership with PPG,” said Amin Youssef, general manager for LKQ Toronto East. “We also had some extra leeway to include extra supplies, in comparison to years prior.” 

The company has worked with Tropicana for more than six years and Centennial College for even longer. Through the partnership, LKQ ensures to meet with the organizations throughout the year to offer any needed support, said Youssef.

“Beyond this initial benefit, charitable giving has a ripple effect that impacts and promotes students’ positive outcomes, and for teachers to continue to do what they love and the community,” said Suad Dualeh, coordinator of Tropicana’s pre-apprenticeship training programs. “We hope this story inspires others to do the same.”

For more information on LKQ Corporation’s charitable endeavours, click here.


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