Lighter Days Ahead: Semiconductor shortage is beginning to ease, GM to restart plant operations

Toronto, Ontario — The global semiconductor shortage is beginning to ease allowing for General Motors to restart its operations at five assembly plants. 

Operations will begin this week at locations in Canada, Mexico and the United States. GM released a statement saying that they are doing their best to bounce back from the shortage and that their “supply chain organization continues to make strides working with our supply base to mitigate the near-term impacts of the semiconductor situation.” 

They also said that every available semiconductor they can get their hands on will go towards their most in-demand products like full-size trucks and SUV’s, but the situation still remains unpredictable. 

AlixPartners consulting firm said that due to the semiconductor chip shortage, automakers will have $110 billion in lost revenues this year, and it estimates that it will impact the production of 3.9 million vehicles.


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