Justin Klug of OnStar to present on ADAS, claims process at MSO Symposium

Justin Klug of GM's OnStar will present on “Redefining the Diagnostic and Claims Processes” at the 2017 MSO Symposium.

Chicago, Illinois — July 9, 2017 — The introduction of automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) has revolutionized vehicles and the repair process. According to Justin Klug, this also means opportunities for the automotive industry to improve the vehicle owners’ experience.

Klug is with the Emerging Business Group for GM’s OnStar service. He will present at this year’s 6th annual MSO Symposium, taking place at NACE Automechanika on July 26 in Chicago. Collision Repair magazine is the official Canadian Media Partner for NACE Automechanika. Klug’s presentation is entitled “Redefining the Diagnostic and Claims Processes.”

OnStar has been a leader in the advancement of first notice of loss. Collision repairers, insurers, parts suppliers and others will benefit from the data that will be made available. It will allow all of the stakeholders access to more advanced, accurate and timely information. This free flow of data will be a disrupter of current processes and the industry needs to brace itself for change.

Companies such as GM are investing millions of dollars in developing technology that will not only improve customer safety but also customer convenience. Some vehicle owners are receiving information about their car today. How soon before they begin receiving software updates, resetting of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and diagnostic information without having to bring their vehicle to a repair shop? Technology is going to make this a reality soon, which will once again change business models and processes.

Registration for the MSO Symposium is separate from registration for NACE Automechanika and is available at this link. Please note that pre-qualification is necessary to attend. The MSO Symposium is limited to high-growth MSOs, owners of large independent repair shops and insurance company executives.

There’s still time to register for NACE Automechnika through Collision Repair magazine using the form below. All registrations conducted through Collision Repair magazine will receive a voucher for free mechanical training.

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