Joint Custody: Ontario gov. announces $1 million Group Sponsorship Grant for trades development

Toronto, Ontario – The Government of Ontario has announced a $1 million grant program that they are hoping will encourage employers to take on more trades apprentices.

The Group Sponsorship Grant (GSG) announced by the provincial government in mid-November will provide funding to employers with annual maximum funding of $1 million to help guide apprentices through their training.

In one of a number of documents released to the government’s website, the Ministry of Labour claims that “by sharing apprenticeship management and training responsibilities, employers can streamline administration, structure training, and reduce the pressure on any one employer to see an apprentice through the completion of training within a trade.”

Applications for the program are currently open for employers and those accepted will be signed on for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three. The government expects the review period for applications to take up to two months.

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