Island Auto Supply invests in new depollution rig

Island Auto Supply recently installed the same depollution unit as shown above, the 4-Fluid Station from ELV Select.

By Anna Davey

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island — January 27, 2016 — Dalbert Livingstone of Island Auto Supply recently made a major investment, both in his business and for the environment. Like many auto recyclers, he knew he wanted to invest in equipment that would speed up production time while also reducing environmental impact.

He also faced the challenge of needing equipment that would be able to service all three of his dismantling bays. His new SEDA 4-Fluid Station was purchased with all of those goals in mind.

By using vacuum suction to drain fluids, the station reduces fluid drain time from 15 minutes to five minutes, while also ensuring that the maximum amount of fluid is extracted from the vehicle. It also guarantees that environmentally damaging fluids aren’t spilled from drain buckets, meaning less fluid handling for employees and reduced environmental impact.

The SEDA 4-Fluid Station is also a portable fluid station, allowing Island Auto Supply to quickly and effectively drain fluids no matter which dismantling bay a vehicle is in.

Another factor that influenced Livingstone’s decision to purchase the SEDA 4-Fluid Station was his desire to improve Island Auto Supply’s CAREC audit score. Livingstone is a passionate supporter of environmental protection, noting that it’s the “right thing to do.” For all those benefits, Livingstone says that some of the biggest benefits to his new fluid station are smaller improvements he’s seeing at his facility.

“There’s less spillage on the floor, so the bay looks cleaner. When that happens, people take more pride in their workspace, and it creates a snowball effect,” he says.

For more information, please visit islandautosupply.com.


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