Inside the Ford Catacomb: British man finds truck mysteriously buried in his yard

West Yorkshire, U.K. —  During the COVID-19 lockdown, John Brayshaw decided that gardening in his backward would be an appropriate way to pass his time. Interestingly enough, Brayshaw’s new hobby led him to find a Ford Popular entombed in his yard.

The Ford vehicle was found buried and placed in a lateral position—presumably to allow for a smaller hole to be dug. A large portion of the vehicle’s metal had corroded, however, enough of the vehicle remains to make inferences about its mysterious origin. 

Brayshaw was able to get the registration plate with the number and letters intact from the vehicle. Unfortunately, Brayshaw lacks the heavy equipment needed to fully extract the car but he has still been able to uncover a fair amount of the vehicle. When Brayshaw does get a crew over to extract the vehicle they will have to use extreme caution as the overall structure may be very deteriorated. 

After the original news of the story broke, a former resident of the house came forward to explain that he had buried the car after mechanics told him it wasn’t worth fixing. So, instead of paying to scrap the car he buried it in 1964.  

The Ford Popular was produced from 1953 to 1962 and was developed as a budget-friendly vehicle that was later referred to as the ‘Pop’.  

Click here, to see the full BBC article. 

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