Innovation Acknowledged: Axalta’s electrocoating technology wins 2023 BIG Innovation Award

Pennsylvania, United States –The Business Intelligence Group has bestowed the 2023 BIG Innovation Award on Axalta’s AquaEC Flex Broad Bake Electrocoat, an annual award recognizing organizations, products and people for innovative ideas to life.

According to an Axalta press release, AquaEC Flex Broad Bake Electrocoat was awarded for its low amount of volatile organic compounds, and broad bake technology that enables mass application on complex vehicle structures for the next generation of electric vehicles.

“The increased demand for electric vehicles drove the need for a more sustainable e-coat that applies with uniform thickness over complex vehicle designs while maintaining manufacturing productivity,” said Robert Roop, Axalta’s chief technology officer.

Beyond better edge-corrosion protection and flexibility that protects the vehicle from temperature and humidity variation, it provides potential energy saving on combustion vehicles by including 60 percent fewer volatile organic compounds and ultimately, 15 percent less energy use.

“Our innovation ensures that critical parts that carry and protect battery packs are heat-cured with the rest of the body frame, enabling automakers to co-produce electric vehicles and internal combustion vehicles on the same manufacturing line,” said Roop.

The full list of winners and more information about the BIG Innovation awards can be found here.


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