If Rudolph Were an EV, Which One Would He Be? Predicta’s AI Answers the Question

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What keeps you up at night? Here at Predicta (www.predicta.com/blog), a question weighed heavily on our minds that needed to be solved before we could rest: if Santa’s reindeers were EVs, which ones would they be?

You’d be surprised at how little consensus there is about who the reindeer are and what each one is like. But Predicta did the dirty work and became well-steeped in reindeer lore (turns out, science says Santa’s reindeer are all female?!). Predicta took what the various historical accounts had in common, translated that to vehicle attributes, and ran it through Predicta’s AI engine. Then we looked at the frequency and sentiment that came up for each reindeer persona for each EV in Predicta’s database.

Here are the official results according to how customers talk about their own vehicles, arriving just in time for the Christmas weather:

Dasher – Criteria: speed, acceleration, quickness – Vehicle: Jaguar I-PACE

Dancer – Criteria: handling, steering, tires – Vehicle: Chevrolet Bolt

Prancer – Criteria: looks, design, styling – Vehicle: Kia EV6

Vixen – Criteria: other people, seeking attention – Vehicle: Tesla Model X

Comet – Criteria: safety, parents, kids – Vehicle: Hyundai Ioniq 5

Cupid – Criteria: love, spouses, “special friends” – Vehicle: Volkswagen ID4

Donner – Criteria: sound, strength, power – Vehicle: Tesla Model 3

Blitzen – Criteria: electricity, charging, speed – Vehicle: Ford Mustang Mach-E

Rudolph – Criteria: visibility, lights, safety features – Vehicle: Hyundai Kona

But wait, there’s more! Predicta has one more gift for you hiding behind the tree. No scientific examination of Santa’s reindeer is complete without the real hero of the Rudolph story. No, it’s not the misfit toys (no child wants to play with a Charlie-in-the-box). It’s Yukon Cornelius!

And Predicta’s first annual Yukon Cornelius Award goes to…

Yukon Cornelius – Criteria: Cargo, weather, bumble, beard, offroading, adventuring, ice picks – Vehicle: Tesla Model Y

Predicta automates brand and product market intelligence using deep learning AI techniques. This Predicta-AI analysis was gleaned from thousands of sources. Predicta provides in-depth brand and product SWOT analysis – anytime – that keeps pace with market changes. Gain granular insights about your competitors’ products – how your customers think, feel and act. Contact us today at info@predicta.com.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Leland Harden

(503) 376-8415


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