Idrive AI Cam Releases New Service Add On – Extended Video

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–idrive released new firmware to its product, the idrive AI cam. This new add on service allows for extended video to be pulled and sent over the air to idrive’s online portal, iris. The idrive AI Cam is a next-generation dash camera with technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior, generating critical data to improve driver performance and save lives. Idrive is a leading provider of Artificially Intelligent (AI) software and hardware for accurate driver monitoring.

Idrive’s newest feature Extended Video Download (EVD) is an idrive service that enables a user to extract historical video content over the air based on a time-stamp from the storage on the camera. The feature has 2 options for extracting the video: (i) 60 second videos in low resolution that will help the user identify the incident, acting like a video browsing tool, and (ii) 8 second videos in high definition for a crystal-clear view of what happened. Idrive and most other dash cameras on the market default their videos to 8 second clips (4 seconds before a trigger and 4 seconds after). In most cases 8 seconds is more than enough time to capture an incident and the details surrounding it. There are some occasions where extended video is beneficial to a user:

  • Looking for an incident or accident that may have been too small in intensity to trigger an event
  • Looking for an incident that would not have a trigger
  • Ability to view several minutes of video before or after an accident
  • Retrieving a video of an event in which your vehicle was not involved but the AI camera captured
  • Randomly checking drivers even in between video events triggered by the AI camera

This feature is available on the idrive AI camera. The idrive AI camera records and stores up to 28 hours (64GB version) or up to 100 hours (256GB version) of continuous video of engine hours. If the vehicle is ON, the upload will take place when the request is done. If the vehicle is OFF, the system will upload the video the next time the vehicle is ON. Within iris’ GPS tracker you can select a route. Blue dots will appear when hovering over the blue route lines. Clicking on a blue dot will show a pop-up containing the details regarding that vehicle’s position. From here you can select EVD and resolution options to request an extended video.

“We are excited to release this feature as a service as we have seen how extended video can really come in handy in situations where further video data is needed,” stated Vlad Vaduva, Vice President of Engineering.

To learn more about idrive visit www.idriveglobal.com.

About idrive, Inc.:

Idrive, Inc., is a global leader in Video Telematics and Artificial Intelligence based services for the transportation industry. With over 10 years in the industry and one of the world’s biggest repositories of labeled and verified video data, idrive’s intelligent systems are enhanced by over 11 billion miles of driving data, deep learning and industry insights to produce a leading product that has saved hundreds of lives by preventing collisions through improved driving behavior. Idrive engineers, designs and manufactures all products and technology in-house. For all the latest idrive news follow us: Facebook and Twitter @idriveGlobal and LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/idriveglobal/


Kelli O’Neil

Idrive, Inc.

(805) 308-6094


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