Helbiz Releases ParkSense — Proprietary AI Parking Validation Technology

The technology platform, developed in-house by Helbiz, will be available for sale to other micro-mobility operators for regulation compliance

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$HLBZ–Helbiz (NASDAQ: HLBZ) today announced the release of ParkSense, an AI-powered parking verification tool that allows Helbiz and other operators to easily be compliant with local regulations.

Instead of relying on location data, ParkSense relies on a picture of the parked device from the rider at the end of a trip. The ParkSense tool is able to take into account multiple conditions such as whether the device is properly secured, whether the device impedes a walking path or the entrance to a business and whether the device is aligned upright — information that cannot be registered with GPS data.

“As we have grown Helbiz, we have put technology at the core which is how we have built our R&D team in Serbia,” said Helbiz Chief Technology Officer Nemanja Stancic. “ParkSense demonstrates the best of what we can do. We approached a problem with technology first, built the AI in-house and deployed it successfully. Not only does this strengthen our position to acquire licenses, it opens up licensing as a new revenue stream as verifying parking is increasingly a requirement of licenses from local governments and until now the industry has used inaccurate and un-flexible solutions. ParkSense is flexible from market to market and can adapt and learn from specific market conditions in each city.”

ParkSense is able to return an answer in less than a second 95% of the time and has no hardware requirement. Helbiz and any operator that implements it will be able to easily select for environmental factors which enables a solution that is entirely customizable to the city it is deployed in. Furthermore, the ParkSense tool does not require AI expertise or a developer SDK but simply a few lines of code.

To learn more, visit helbiz.com/robotics/parksense.

About Helbiz

Helbiz is a global leader in micro-mobility services. Launched in 2015 and headquartered in New York City, the company offers a diverse fleet of vehicles including e-scooters, e-bicycles and e-mopeds all on one convenient, user-friendly platform with over 50 licenses in cities around the world. Helbiz utilizes a customized, proprietary fleet management technology, artificial intelligence and environmental mapping to optimize operations and business sustainability. Helbiz is expanding its urban lifestyle products and services to include live streaming services, food delivery and more, all accessible within its mobile app. For additional information, please visit www.helbiz.com.


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