Heavy-duty Data: Ford patents external payload information display for truck lines

Toronto, Ontario — Those with an inclination for hauling heavy loads ought to take notice of a new patent filed by Ford, which may see future blue oval trucks equipped with external payload displays.

Building off of the “Onboard Scales” feature which debuted on the 2021 F-150 pickup, this new design from Ford describes a display screen housed near a truck’s fender panel, containing detailed information on the vehicle’s payload.

The design describes a fairly detailed information display that would provide readings on payload margin, unladen and laden weight change, as well as space to display other pertinent messages.

While on one hand, this technology would offer obvious benefits to working people who haul heavy loads in their trucks, it is likely that it would in turn require highly precise repairs, as damage to the truck’s bed or frame could open up the risk for inaccurate weight readings.

The patent was first filed on Aug. 18, 2022, and is assigned serial number 11654824.


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