GO GO GO: Metrolinx warns of impatient drivers with shocking safety PSA

Toronto, Ontario – Sometimes, we all make difficult decisions. We reach a fork in the road; a turning point meets us. A watershed moment arises, and the decision reaches critical mass. Unfortunately, for one driver, their decision resulted in ending up in front of a moving train; the driver was literally at a crossroads in their life.

The short video, shared by Metrolinx earlier this week, shows a black SUV approaching a railway crossing just as the gate closes. The vehicle comes to a brief stop, before pulling out and driving around the crossroad gate. The car comes to a halt on the tracks, right before a Go Train enters the frame, and smashes into the vehicle.

The video itself flashes red, urging the viewer with the caption, “Don’t Do This!” Metrolinx also shared a picture of the damaged vehicle.

The incident occurred at a rail crossing at Carl Hall Road near Sheppard Ave. and Keele Street in Toronto. The incident itself transpired in Mid-May.

Incidents “like the one in the video, are preventable,” says Metrolinx’s Chief Safety Officer, Martin Gallagher.

“Collisions at level crossings are caused by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who deliberately take risks or make bad decisions by mistake, out of habit or because they’re distracted,” he clarified in an online post.

Metrolinx has confirmed that the driver sustained no significant injuries in the crash, but that the driver was “lucky to have walked away.”

So, pay attention, always looks both ways at the crossroads, and realize a bad decision made could be one made for your life.


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