Fredericton CARSTAR celebrates opening in a big way

Toronto, Ontario — August 6, 2019 — CARSTAR’s newest Fredericton location celebrated its grand opening in a very big way!

In September of 2018, CARSTAR announced they would be expanding to northern Fredericton. With a successful location already thriving in the New Brunswick city, the construction began. 

On July 27, they were ready to open its doors. 

“There’s so much to take in when you walk into that shop,” said Steve Knox, general manager of both CARSTAR Fredericton facilities. “Everything from the layout..with all the ergonomic features built into the shop. It will be mindblowing just to walk in” 

Knox told Collision Repair recently that the celebration would begin with a car show followed by a barbecue, with proceeds going towards research for cystic fibrosis.

In between, there would be fun for the whole family.

“We have face painting, balloon animals, a clown,” said Knox. “The deputy mayor is gonna be here. We’re doing our best to make a big deal out of it.”

While many are excited for an afternoon of fun at the new facility, Knox is thrilled to kick off a business the fully furnished shop

The new facility has the most up-to-date Symach technology nad according to Knox, CARSTAR Fredericton North invested in the “full-suite.” 

“Each one of the repair stalls has a lift that puts the car at chest-level so that you’re never crouching or climbing underneath,” said Knox. ” It’s so much easier to work on something when it’s at a comfortable level. It’s built so that when a car comes in, we fix it and move on, there’s no need to send it off to another area or another person, it’s just ready to go.”

On top of an efficient work environment for his employees, Knox is also looking forward to letting customers have a sneak peek of the shop as well.

“It’s just so beautiful,” said Knox. “The shop presents so well, I can’t ever see us feeling leary about inviting about our customers right into the middle of the shop.”




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