Ford issues two separate recalls in North America

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – May 16, 2019 — Ford has issued two separate recalls impacting drivers across North America.

The first recall was issued on certain 2013 through 2016 Fusion midsize cars due to a gearshift problem that could result in the car rolling away unexpectedly.

About 270,000 vehicles in North America have been recalled, 10,282 of which are in Canada.

“The bushing that attaches the shifter cable to the transmission can degrade causing the cable to detach,” Ford stated in a press release. That means if the driver goes to park, the car could be in another gear resulting in it rolling away.

Ford is warning drivers to use their parking brake until their vehicle has been repaired. The OEM has reported one injury and three property damage reports from the recall.

The second recall was issued for select 2019 Ranger trucks that were built at the Michigan Assembly Plant between March 5-13.

About 2,500 vehicles in the United States and 260 in Canada are being issued.

“The two fasteners that secure the transmission shift cable bracket to the transmission housing may not have been torqued to specification. Over time, an improperly torqued fastener could allow the transmission shift cable bracket to become loose and the transmission to be in a gear state different from the gearshift position selected by the driver,” Ford said in a press release.

Ultimately, this issue could also result in the vehicle rolling away unexpectedly, increasing the chance of the car to crash.

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