Five Times Running: Color Compass named Pro Spot’s ‘Distributor of the Year for Canada’

Toronto, Ontario — Color Compass has won Pro Spot’s 2019 ‘Distributor of the Year for Canada’ award, marking the fifth consecutive year the company has claimed the prize.

On Nov. 4, the Pro Spot International team overtook the MGM Grand’s Topgolf centre for its pre-SEMA presentation, where the company doled end-of-year awards out to its distribution partners. Once again, Color Compass claimed the title of ‘Distributor of the Year for Canada.’

“Congratulations and thank you all so much for your continued support and amazing efforts this past year,” the Pro Spot team told its distributors. “We appreciate each of you and all you do for Pro Spot to advance the name, service the products and build relationships that keep our customers loyal and coming back for more.”

Color Compass and Pro Spot launched a partnership in 2015. Since then, Color Compass has claimed the sought-after award year after year.

The event closed out with an address from Pro Spot: “From our entire team here at Pro Spot, we wish you continued success as you close out 2019 and inspiration to look forward toward new opportunities filled with growth and profitability in the coming year as our partner.”

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