First in the East: CSN-Keizer’s accredited under CCIAP

The team at CSN-Keizer’s Collision. The facility is the first shop in Eastern Canada to receive CCIAP accreditation.

By Barett Poley

Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia — March 13, 2017 — CSN-Keizer’s Collision has become just the third Canadian shop to become accredited under the Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program (CCIAP), and the first in Eastern Canada. The facility is located in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia.

CCIAP is a certification program set up by the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada to give credit where credit is due to repairers, and also to help customers know that their repairers are being held to the highest standard when it comes to returning vehicles to OEM specifications after a collision.

For Dale Keizer, owner of CSN-Keizer’s Collision, this new industry-driven outlook is a positive and welcome one, driven by a changing market.

“It’s been great to see such a positive forward direction in our industry since CCIF and AIA have joined forces. To bring this option to the table for our collision repair facilities is simply a no-brainer,” says Keizer. “The vehicle complexity has been coming at us like a tidal wave lately in this industry. For our facilities there is no choice but to have the proper equipment and training needed to bring our clients vehicle back to OEM specified pre accident condition.”

The process is an important one for any future-oriented company, according to Keizer, and in addition, it wasn’t that difficult.

“They have also made the process very seamless and transparent. Your check list of tools, equipment, proper business documentation, and up to date I-CAR Gold training is all checked by an auditor, hands-on at your facility, to ensure consistent industry results,” he says. Keizer also says that his facility is constantly updating their equipment in any case, so becoming accredited was only a natural extension of the steps already taken to remain competitive. “When you are up on all these things, of course it makes this process a lot easier and faster,” he says.

Overall, Keizer says he’s glad to be part of CCIAP, and that it’s a great program to be involved with. He says, “Having this platform built by CCIAP gives collisions facilities like ours another option to have our qaulifications recognized by manufactures, insurers and consumers. It’s not always possible to be sponsored by an OEM to become a direct manufacturer certified repair facility, but that doesn’t mean you’re not qualified!”

For more information on CSN-Keizer’s Collision, please visit keizers.ca.


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