Eyes on the Future: Mercedes-Benz announces interactive remote support via HoloLens headset, coming to certified collision centres in 2022

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Imagine a world where repair solutions appear before your very eyes. Seems like a dream, right? Well, Mercedes-Benz Canada has announced the implementation of a training solution that offers just that.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the new Mercedes-Benz Virtual Remote Support program allows technicians⁠ to wear the HoloLens 2 headset⁠—a wireless, ‘holographic’ display device⁠—to work hands-free. Whether inspecting a vehicle to make decisions on body repair or solving more complex situations that require a collaborative diagnostic plan, the technician sporting the headset can share real-time views and sounds of the vehicle while on the line with Mercedes-Benz technical specialists located across Canada.   

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, the remote technical specialists work with the onsite technicians in an immersive environment and can share intricate 3D images and holograms, see where changes need to be made, annotate the visual information, add documents, and insert instructions to highlight which areas to focus on. 

The technology was first implemented in Mercedes-Benz Canada dealerships in July 2021. All Mercedes-Benz dealerships nationwide now offer the technology, which is offered in both French and English applications. 

Mercedes-Benz also plans to roll out the tech to its network of Certified Collision Centres in 2022.

“Given this early success and our goal of supporting the very best customer service at all times, Mercedes-Benz Canada has since engaged its Certified Collision Centers and bodyshops to participate in the program,” Zakary Paget, a representative for Mercedes-Benz Canada told Collision Repair.  “With initial conversations heading in a positive trajectory, we hope to see additional rollouts to these locations in 2022.”

Early users of the technology have also weighed in on its benefits.

“I’ve already experienced firsthand how Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist are game-changers. It’s like having the right expert over your shoulder the minute you need them,” said Joseph Lagrasta, shop foreman at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. “ Since deploying this technology in July we are getting cars back to the owners in a fraction of the time. I’m also excited about the comprehensive, 3D training sessions we will have access to.”

For more information on Mercedes-Benz Virtual Remote Support, click here


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