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Bodyshop Consulting’s Eye-Load is a workshop management tool designed to help shops achieve on-time delivery dates and bring ease to day-to-day bodyshop management.

According to Ray Jenkins, owner of Bodyshop Consulting, the product’s primary role is to give visually, instant live vehicle information. The tool is designed to prioritize “the most important job to work on in each department,” says Jenkins; whether it be in referrals, estimating, workshop capacity, MET, panel, prep, paint, QC, valeting or delivery. 

On the management side, Eye-Load can also show the workload for each of your staff to allow you to better measure the potential for work-related stress and pressure.

By connecting Eye-Load to your bodyshop management system via CAPS⁠, you gain access to the fully automated production functionality of Eye-Load⁠—though bodyshops without existing management systems can still use the product. Jenkins says the product is suited to facilities regardless of their size and works well for single-sites and groups alike.

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