Eye-Catching Crashes: Sports cars found to be particularly accident-prone, study finds

Toronto, Ontario — Being too flashy isn’t good for one’s health–or the health of one’s vehicle, a study has found.

QuoteWizard, an end-to-end insurance solutions provider, has found that mini-vans and SUVs are the least accident-prone vehicles on the road, while mid-sized sports cars are the most.

According to the report, which was produced by QuoteWizard analysts, and based on the business’s own proprietary data, ranked vehicles by their likelihood of being involved in accidents.

“Our team of analysts used proprietary data from our site to find which car models have the highest and lowest rate of accidents,” QuoteWizard wrote in a note to Collision Repair.

“We evaluated the rate at which drivers reported an accident on their driving record when filling out an auto insurance quote with QuoteWizard.com. Rankings show which cars had the highest and lowest rate of accidents based on driving history of accidents.”

While, by type, sports cars were the most accident-prone vehicles, exceptions to this trend were visible when the study broke down accidents by models. The most accident-prone overall model was the humble Hyundai Sonata sedan. The Jeep Patriot was also found to be particularly accident-prone, despite being an SUV.

Interestingly, not all sports cars were found to be as accident-prone as one another.

In fact, the Corvette ranked as the least accident-prone sports car. Infiniti, Lexus and Acuras were the most accident-prone.

As minivans go, Dodge and Chrysler minivans ranked as the least accident-prone. The Ford Explorer was the vehicle found to be least accident-prone overall.

Another finding that has caused something of a stir is that the Tesla Model 3, which is equipped with an autopilot feature, ranks among the least accident-prone cars.

To read QuoteWizard’s summary of its findings, follow this link.


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