EV Eval: Tesla boasts two of top five selling EVs globally, CleanTechnica says

Toronto, Ontario — The Tesla Model 3 has secured its crown for the fourth year running as the top-selling electric vehicle in the world, according to data from CleanTechnica.

Overall EV sales grew by 71 percent over the past year, with Tesla’s Model 3 making up more than 500,000 of those sales.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles also saw a 108 percent increase in sales over the course of 2021.

Following closely behind the Model 3’s sales numbers is the Chinese-made Hongguang Mini EV from Wuling, at 424,138 units sold, and Tesla’s own Model Y at 410,517 units.

CleanTechnica says to expect the sales of the Model Y to overtake the Model 3 by next year.


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