EV/AV Report: EV investments talks in the GTA; Tesla customers get real about Elon

Toronto, Ontario — Ontario’s EV and education sectors prepare to come together to talk investment opportunities in the Durham Region, meanwhile Tesla’s customer loyalty is put to the test in a newly published survey from Bloomberg. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles.

Intelligent investing

The Durham Region east of Toronto is gearing up for a live webinar on EV education, set for mid August, with the support of numerous auto and education sector partners.

The “Boost Your EV IQ Webinar” is set for Aug. 17 and will gather Canadian EV industry stakeholders for an open discussion on zero-emission investment opportunities available to companies in the Durham Region.

The free two-hour event is the result of partnerships with Durham College, Ontario Tech University, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN), and Durham Regional Technology Development Site (Durham RTDS).

Click here to register.

Rollercoaster relationship

It has been another rough week for Tesla’s public image following the release of a study of the Tesla Model 3 carried out by Bloomberg.

While customers are still by and large satisfied with their vehicle, about 21 percent of those who did sell their Model 3 and move to a different brand said the decision was made out of sheer disapproval of CEO Elon Musk.

In fact, the study shed light on a very clear polarization between customers for and against Musk, as 96 percent of those who view him positively said they would buy another Tesla vehicle. On the other hand, 91 percent of customers with a negative impression of him say they will not support the brand in the future.

More than half of those who do plan to jump ship to another brand in the next two years (51.6 percent) named Rivian as their most preferred brand.

One comment pulled from Bloomberg’s study seems to explain the current relationship between Tesla and its customers quite accurately: “I feel like my original interest in Tesla was partly built on my trust and interest in [Musk], and now my continued interest in Tesla survives despite him.”


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