EnviroCool Engineers Coolant Filter That Cleans While Driving

SULLIVAN, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#americantrucker–EnviroCool is the latest truck parts manufacturing brand from innovator George Sturmon. Since 1987 George has engineered unique products for the aftermarket, founding both ATRO and Steer King which were recently acquired in early 2021.

TRADITIONAL COOLING SYSTEM CLEANING METHODS HAVE NOT ADVANCED FOR DECADES. It is well known that over 50% of engine failures originate in cooling systems. In turn, it is no surprise that over 40% of all engine downtime is cooling system related maintenance.

EnviroCool’s Coolant Cleaner Filter safely and completely removes corrosion in the radiator and throughout the entire system – while driving. Contaminants are collected by the high performance 10-micron filter which is landfillable. No other product completely cleans the cooling system while the vehicle is operating on the road.

“The data from our seven-year field study on a diesel fleet of 650 busses running 25 million miles each year makes it absolutely obvious to the value of a clean cooling system in terms of effective cooling,” George Sturmon says. “No matter what new products or methods are used, it’s irrefutable that cooling systems must be clean and kept clean to do their job effectively. Without doubt the EnviroCool Coolant Cleaner Filter has outperformed other cooling system cleaning methods, and using it annually will help ensure engines stay efficient while fleets save in maintenance costs and prevent heat related part failures.”

Eliminating the need to drain and flush coolant, thousands of dollars can be saved while protecting the vehicle from heat related parts failures or catastrophic engine damage. EnviroCool Filters are a specialized alkaline formula that safely and thoroughly maintains the entire system in order to fully realize increased performance.

EnviroCool Filters work in two steps. Spinning on the cleaner filter in place of the traditional coolant filter and driving for 10,000 miles. Then, replacing the cleaner with the inhibitor and driving for 100,000 miles. OEM’s recommend cleaning the cooling system every year in order to keep it operating efficiently. Annual use of EnviroCool Filters enhances and protects the cooling system so vehicles can stay on the road, not in the shop.

To Order Direct or learn more about EnvroCool’s advanced cooling system solutions and the only “Cleans While You Drive” Coolant Filter visit EnviroCoolTech.com.


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