Entrepreneur and Visionary Anthony Macaluso, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Hughes Tool Company, Sets His Focus on Disrupting the Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anthony Macaluso recently launched Hughes Tool Company, Inc., quietly working behind the scenes to develop a solution that eliminates the major challenges associated with Lithium-Ion battery limitations for electric vehicles (EV). Announced last week, Hughes Tool Company has created a patent protected solution that supplements existing battery fields, ultimately enabling an increase in range by 400 to 1000 percent (+)*. Please access the Hughes Tool Company January 26 announcement here.

Mr. Macaluso has done this twice before in the sports and mobile industries solving problems for some of the largest retailers globally. He has been granted more than 60 patents (see below for partial list) resulting in billions of transactions, billions in revenues and significantly increasing shareholder value. He has spent his entire life identifying technical and business problems, creating solutions, filing the intellectual property, being granted the patents both domestically and internationally, and then monetizing those patents through licensing opportunities.

“Approximately five years ago, I set out to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing widespread adoption of an electric vehicle. Namely the issues associated with range anxiety and recharging. I quickly discovered that all of the research and development was targeting the battery field and battery chemistry. I knew there was a better solution,” said Macaluso. “I have been told more times than I can count that ‘it’s impossible,’ which just further motivated me. I found a way to invent a solution that really bends the laws of physics and sits between the first and second laws.”

Macaluso went on, ”I have enjoyed tremendous success in creating products and services consumers use every day – for example, if you download data to a mobile phone or use mobile streaming services, text messaging solutions and abbreviated dialing codes, it directly relates to the multitude of patents I have been awarded in the mobile industry. This time was different for me. I wanted to leave not only a lasting legacy for my children and their children, but to create an EV solution that we would all benefit from.”

“The irony is that EVs are not yet as green as people think. Strip mining for precious metals that make up a lithium-ion battery is just terrible for the environment. There is no plan yet on how to recycle EV batteries after they have run their useful course of 5-8 years. The other major impact is that we are burning more and more fossil fuels to create electricity to power the grid and provide energy to the burgeoning EV market,” concluded Macaluso.

The patented Hughes Power Generation Platform is a fully independent, scalable attachment that creates energy, stores the newly created energy, and provides it back to the OEM battery field on demand or automated. Tests have shown an increase in range of 400 to over 1000 percent based on driver behavior and conditions.

This is a partial list of granted patents to Anthony Macaluso. Additionally, Mr. Macaluso has patents issued in the following countries including the United States, China, Canada, Japan, Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Furthermore, he has patents with the European Patent Office (EPO) as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WO).



Over the air provisioning of mobile device settings


Downloading data to a mobile device


Mobile machine


Over the air provisioning of mobile device settings


Downloading data to a mobile device


Mobile machine


Content selection and delivery of complementary information


Advertising on mobile devices


Downloading data to a mobile device


Transmitting mobile device data


Downloading data to a mobile device


Automatic provisioning of abbreviated dialing codes


Searching for mobile content


Over the air provisioning of mobile device settings


Mobile machine


Searching for mobile content


Transmitting mobile device data


Searching for mobile content


Over the air provisioning of mobile device settings


Searching for mobile content


Transmitting mobile device data


Over the air provisioning of mobile device settings


Foldable net


Sports practice net


Foldable net


Multi-use net


Multi-use net


Golf practice net


Sports net


Combined courtesy and adjustable reading light for vehicles


Combined courtesy and adjustable reading light


Combined courtesy and adjustable light for the interior of automotive vehicles


Combined courtesy and adjustable light for the interior of automotive vehicles


Adjustable light for the interior of aircraft, automotive and recreational vehicles

About Hughes Tool Company

Hughes Tool Company, based in San Diego, CA, and founded by Anthony Macaluso, pays homage to Howard Hughes and his contributions to society through his groundbreaking inventions and perseverance. This legacy continues – the company is dedicated to solving climate and environmental related challenges with revolutionary technology innovation including bending the laws of physics.

For more information on Anthony Macaluso, Hughes Tool Company, and to request an NDA, please visit www.hughestoolcompany.com.

*Range improvement dependent upon driving conditions and driver behavior.


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