Electrifying Challenges: The technology in 2021 Ford F-150 may pose new challenges for repairers

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— In 2014, the aluminum and mixed material design of the 2015 Ford F-150 was viewed as one of the biggest challenge for collision repairers⁠. 

Now, a new technology revamp for the 2021 F-150 may introduce new challenges for the industry.

Concerns for repairer’s mainly lie in the truck’s lithium-ion batteries, which may carry fire risks to shops, according to an infographic by the automaker.

Other challenges include repairers handling partially or completely electrified powertrains, as well as its Active Drive Assist, an autonomous driving component. The Active Drive Assist will especially put a higher level of responsibility on repairs to repair vehicles using OEM procedures, says Ford.

In today’s electrifying climate, shops can expect to see an increase in the all-electric, self-driving models⁠—similar to the new Ford F-150—entering their shops.

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