Ecological Emissions: BMW pushes sewage-based paints

Munich, Germany — BMW is partnering with BASF to develop the next generation of paints using an innovative new material—poop.

Euphemistically dubbed “sustainable paints made from bio-waste,” these matte paints are part of the company’s focus on sustainability and reduced CO2 emissions. Most importantly, these new paints are chemically identical to previously manufactured body coatings and share the same properties as their oil-based predecessors.

BMW Group Plants Leipzig and Rosslyn (South Africa) are expected to use similar processes to create corrosion protection paints, effectively replacing petroleum-based components like naphtha with renewable alternatives.

“By reducing our use of fossil raw materials, we can conserve natural resources and lower CO2 emissions at the same time,” says Joachim Post, a BMW board member. “Innovative paints based on renewable raw materials are an important step in this direction.”


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